We’re Hiring: VP Academic and VP External

How to Apply: Complete the nomination package. Send it to ahcssamcgill@gmail.com by Friday, December 8, 2017 at midnight. Position Descriptions: The Vice-President Academic’s duties will include: (a)       be responsible for all educational and curricular concerns of the AHCSSA which includes facilitating events of an academic nature (such as helping to organize the annual Arts… Continue reading We’re Hiring: VP Academic and VP External

We’re Hiring!

Open Positions 2017/2018: Vice President Finance Duties (a)      advise the AHCSSA Executive Committee on all financial matters of the AHCSSA; (b)      be responsible to seek out funding for AHCSSA activities; (c)      prepare the AHCSSA budget for ratification by the Executive Committee and AUS Council; (d)     keep proper accounts and records of AHCSSA finances.   Secretary… Continue reading We’re Hiring!

Fridge Door Gallery Call for Submissions

CALLING ALL ARTISTS Submit to the Fridge Door Gallery! Deadline: March 1st at Midnight This year FDG will be looking for pieces relating to the general theme of “Perspectives/Perceptions.” Art gives us the opportunity to represent our own perception of reality, whether it be Brunelleschi’s imagining of the world through perfect linear perspective, or the abandonment… Continue reading Fridge Door Gallery Call for Submissions

Canvas Journal Submissions: Lightning Round

Canvas, McGill’s Undergraduate Art History and Communication Studies Journal, is doing a second *lightning-quick* call-out for submissions! Every March, the journal publishes a collection of Art History and Communication Studies essays written by McGill students as a way to showcase the work done in our department. GIVE ME ALL YOUR FEELS ON REPRESENTATION THROUGH ART… Continue reading Canvas Journal Submissions: Lightning Round

Apply to be our new VP Academic!

This semester Brianne Chapelle will be taking on the position of Co-President. This means that her former position of VP Academic is vacant and we are looking to fill it ASAP! To apply, you will need to complete the nomination package (ahcssanominationpackage) which asks for 15 signatures from students within the art history and coms department, as… Continue reading Apply to be our new VP Academic!

Logo Contest

The AHCSSA is looking for a new logo!! We turn to our artistic community to help us! You have complete creative freedom though it should be clean and simple and recognizable at any size. Please send your submissions to ahcssamcgill@gmail.com Once we have a logo we will be developing a line of dope AHCSSA merch, the winner of the… Continue reading Logo Contest