Fridge Door Gallery Call for Submissions


Submit to the Fridge Door Gallery!

Deadline: March 1st at Midnight

This year FDG will be looking for pieces relating to the general theme of “Perspectives/Perceptions.” Art gives us the opportunity to represent our own perception of reality, whether it be Brunelleschi’s imagining of the world through perfect linear perspective, or the abandonment of linear rationality by the Impressionists. Everyone perceives the world around them differently, and we are looking for you to share your unique artistic viewpoint with us for our next vernissage. Do you have any work that employs perfect perspective, or perhaps work that challenges it? Can you think of any art you may have done that offers us a new way of viewing or understanding a particular subject? Please share anything you think could fit in with our theme—we’re excited to see what you come up with!

Submissions should include:

1. A brief biography including year and program (2-3 sentences).

2. Short artist statement about your work. No more than 200 words.

3. Title.

4. Year of production.

5. Medium.

6. Dimensions in inches, if applicable.

7. High resolution JPEG, or sample video of work.

Max five submissions per student. Submit to The selected artworks will be on display at Fridge Door Gallery’s Winter Vernissage at McGill’s Nuit Blanche in March. Please email us with and questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing your work!

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