We’re Hiring: VP Academic and VP External

How to Apply:

Complete the nomination package.

Send it to ahcssamcgill@gmail.com by Friday, December 8, 2017 at midnight.

Position Descriptions:

The Vice-President Academic’s duties will include:

(a)       be responsible for all educational and curricular concerns of the AHCSSA which includes facilitating events of an academic nature (such as helping to organize the annual Arts Internship Office Art History Internship Event, organizing skill shares that are academic in nature (Endnote presentations, library how-to’s), promoting undergraduate attendance at AHCS Speaker Series, etc.);

(b)       serve as the ombudsperson for students concerning all academic affairs within the Art History and Communication Studies Department including the spread of awareness of academic rights and the importance of student feedback through course evaluations;

(c)        be responsible for the representation of AHCSSA on the Department of Art History and Communication Studies. This will include attending all monthly Department meetings and, where applicable, representing the undergraduate body on hiring committees by attending job talks with prospective hires or finding an adequate representative;

(d)       be a liaison between the Department of Art History and Communication Studies administration and AHCSSA members;

(e)        reasonably represent the prevailing views of the Executive Committee to the Department administration.

The Vice-President External’s duties will include:

(a)       serve as Chairperson for Executive meetings in the absence of the President;

(b)       serve as President in the event that the position of President becomes vacant;

(c)        be responsible for relations between AHCSSA and other Department Associations

(d)       act as the representative for the AHCSSA at AUS Council

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