The Art History and Communication Studies Students Association (AHCSSA) represents Art History  students and Communication Studies students at McGill University.

It aims to facilitate dialogue between students and the department faculty. Throughout the school year, the AHCSSA organizes a number of fun events that give members of the department a chance to get to know one another outside of the classroom. It also encourages student awareness of art-related happenings at McGill and in Montreal!

Executive Team:

Brianne Chapelle | Co-President
Chaerin Kwon | Co-President

Vanessa Lee  | VP Events
Josephine Spalla | VP External
Sarah Macrae-Korobkov | VP Finance
Erika Kindsfather | VP Academic
Aimée Tian | VP Communications
Ben Demers | Canvas Journal Editor-in-Chief
Catherine LaMendola | Canvas Journal Editor-in-Chief
Dylan Brekka | Secretary and Fridge Door Gallery Representative
Louise | Communications Studies Representative



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